Kai Mountain Ventures

Computer Solutions, Repair, & Tutoring

We work with small business on an As-Needed basis. You can't afford a full tech time tech guy, nor would you have a use for one all the time, even if you could afford him.

You have a a one-time problem that you need to resolve, or need to upgrade something.
You've been looking to build a website, but are not sure how to get started.
The internet at your office is slow, and you don't know how to resolve it.

Does Windows 10 have you confused?
Do you have viruses, or your computer is running slow?
Need to upgrade that one thingamajig your nephew told you about?
Is your grandson out of town, and your computer is down?

Good news: We're here to help!

We do all manner of house calls to home and business. Have a tougher issue? No problem; we can pick up your machine, and return it right to your desk when we have completed your repairs.

Contact us for pricing and details.

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